Do you contract against your own greatness?


Have you ever made a personal commitment to making a change, and then given up when things got hard (or even just forgot about your commitment altogether)?

This past week in the Good Change programme we’ve been exploring the nature of self-sabotage. It’s something we all do and the more awareness we can bring to it, the more we can transform the defeating patterns into something better – more life-positive.

The ego does a fabulous job at keeping you safe. However, this poses a problem when you’re wanting to evolve or make changes in your life. This is all because your ego brain is trying to keep you in a risk-free zone; safe from unfamiliar, uncomfortable “change”.


Research shows that most people will do more to avoid failure than to try something new – even when their current situation is not ideal.


In Yogic and Ayurvedic philosophy, self-sabotage is observed through 3 Malas (impurities). A Mala is a predictable form of contraction against your own greatness: when we want to expand and go somewhere, there’s a tendency for contraction. Think of a basketballer shooting for a goal. To land the ball in the basket, first they ground down and contract their body before launching themselves into the air and reaching for the hoop. Contraction before expansion.

These ancient teachings tell us that we all contract in 3 ways. When we are stuck in the impurity of these Malas, here is what we can tend to experience:

Anava Mala is connected to the Heart: It’s an inability to connect to ourselves as an abundant source of love, we will tend to pull away from deep connections, we will not reach out for support when we need it, and isolate ourselves in our own loneliness, though our deepest desire is to connect.

Mayiya Mala is connected to the Mind: It’s when we create feelings of difference and separation. We tend to segregate ourselves from others and the world with feelings of jealousy, unworthiness, and anger. Though deeply wanting to change this experience, this mala is strongly rooted in past (limiting) beliefs and conditioning from previous relationships and experiences.

Karma Mala is connected to the Body: It’s that feeling of inertia, that deep slow place where there is no momentum forward. This is where we tend to feel stuck “in the mud” literally, and find ourselves with the capacity for limited activity or the feeling of the inability to act. Not doing enough. It gives rise to feelings of worry and fear.

When you can recognise your self-sabotage patterns you begin to see that even though you feel a certain way, it is not who you are. With increased awareness you can work with these Malas, not against them, to better support yourself – and be/do anything you desire.

For example: If you’ve lost confidence in your ability to actualise your vision, making an easier goal with a verrrry small (and I mean tiny), do-able step is the anecdote. Make it so easy you know you can do it.

If you feel alone on your life/healing journey, perhaps isolated or misunderstood – the best remedy is to reach out! Connect with someone (feel free to send me a message. I read all my emails and am here to support).

If you feel over-scheduled, over-committed and/or overwhelmed and you just can’t make time for your health or wellbeing – recognise that this is a belief around what’s most important.

Touching deeper into your outdated beliefs, and creating a new belief around making your health and wellbeing a priority, will help you break free of the protective ego brain.


You cannot become yourself, by yourself


Having a mentor or coach with a path through these ups and downs, and a community aligned to a similar commitment makes a WORLD of a difference. From personal experience, and as a coach, growth/evolution is amplified when you’re doing it with other likeminded people. Most of society is out of sync so we need to surround ourselves with people who inspire, support and uplift us.

If you….

  • Want support in creating deep, solid health and wellbeing to enjoy a healthy life, prevent disease and age gracefully
  • Believe in natural solutions to health problems and want to support yourself to heal
  • Want to make some changes and go into the root cause of the issue, not float around on the surface and hope for another band-aid approach or quick fix
  • Want an inspiring and like-minded community to tap into


Registrations are now open for the February 2022 Good Change programme. Here we look deeper at the reasons why we contract and then create supportive strategies to work through it. I’d love you to join me.

Good Change takes a commitment of self-love and compassion – the side benefit is you get to take really good care of YOU!  If you’re feeling the call to put more energy into your self-care, set up a time for us to talk.

Early Bird pricing for Good Change lasts until Sunday 5 December and you can save NZD $160 on this powerful investment into your Self – your energy, your health, your happiness and your GREATNESS.

I look forward to talking with you soon if that sounds good to you!

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