It’s deeply nourishing (and necessary) for our minds to have a moment in the day to step off the roller coaster of life.

We all have a core human need to slow down, press pause and connect with our body and breath. This reminds our cardiovascular and nervous systems that they are safe to relax and unwind (and repair) for a period in time.

Below are samples of breathing and meditation practices that I teach. Feel free to try them out and practice bringing yourself back to a feeling of calm. You can download them to your device and use them anytime during your day when you need to reset.

Find a comfortable place, either seated or lying down, where you can remain undistracted by your body. You can follow the recording with your eyes gently closed or eyes open with the gaze cast down —whatever feels right for you.

Let me know how you find them.

Body Scan

To bring stillness into the mind you want to first prepare the body. This practice involves concentration on the steadiness of the body to induce steadiness of mind. It can be done on its own and is an excellent way to begin any meditation practice.

5 minute body scan practice

Complete breath for calm

Correct poor or shallow breathing habits, increase oxygen uptake and establish a more relaxed breathing rhythm. Useful in times of high stress, anger or whenever you need to calm the nervous system. The breathing should feel like one continuous, flowing movement with no jerks or strain.

8 minute calming breath practice

Breathing & meditation practice

You don’t have to stop the mind in order to meditate, you just have to stop paying attention to it. As you relax, remain aware of the breath and the body and let the ‘monkey mind’ do its own thing. This moves you towards a meditative state.

13 minute breathing and meditation practice

Guided relaxation for better sleep

A fast and effective practice if you’re having trouble falling or staying asleep. If you notice yourself tuning out of your body to worry about things in your life, that’s normal. See if you can redirect your attention back to the sensations you’re feeling, and gently let go of those thoughts.

20 minute relaxation for sleep practice

Important: When working with the breath it’s important that the breath remains comfortable and relaxed throughout. The breath should flow naturally and not be forced. If you experience any discomfort during these practices please resume breathing naturally.

Private Health

If you are yearning to feel better in your mind and body, ready to develop your inner knowing and committed to creating a life of ease, join me today from the comfort of your home. Your first session is free.

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Personalised Meditation Programme

Whether you are new to meditation, or you already meditate and would like to deepen it, I offer a personalised programme to support you with your home practice. All personalised sessions take place via phone or Zoom.

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What people say

  • Lassara Hall

    Shiatsu practitioner & Yoga Teacher

    “Rebecca’s classes offer the student three traditions of yoga – pranayama (breath), asana (movement) and meditation. This combination raises the class from another type or form of exercise to a holistic therapy, which incorporates the entire wellbeing of the student.”

  • Marie Solier

    Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

    “Becs is a passionate teacher dedicated to yoga, her personal practice, and her students. I attended her 6-week meditation course, during which Becs thoroughly delivered practical tools whilst keeping theory & philosophy accessible. Each class was workshop quality. Becs has a gift with words. If you are lucky to attend one of her Yoga Nidra, this will feel like a nurturing treat you gift yourself.”

  • Jenny Bain

    “Learning about my body, hearing and trying to understand is the best gift I can receive. Becs has given me tools to grow and learn that you’re never too old to shift into a more easeful way of living. Good Change is a journey into oneself and not intrusive just one foot in front of the other!”

  • Colleen Robinson

    “I feel more alive now, I am not tired all the time, more aware of how what I do affects the way I feel. Having some decent sleep is fantastic, and I feel more focused, and am completing tasks and projects that I had been procrastinating about. I am more in control of my life now and feel like I am achieving more.”

  • Kaz Jones

    DoTerra Ambassador

    “Prior to Good Change I had a never ending list and decreasing fuel to accomplish it with. I have learnt to “stop”, “breathe” and look after my body with the correct fuel and when to incorporate good habits throughout my hectic day. The result is a more nourished mind, body & soul to get through my day more effectively.”