Private Health Coaching

“Your body’s ability to heal is greater than anyone has permitted you to believe” ~ Unknown

How would your life be different if you trusted yourself more? If you felt better in your mind and body? If you could learn how to allow your innate body wisdom to guide you?

Health coaching provides you with a safe space to explore your health issues, your goals, and your beliefs and behaviours – the stuff that gets in the way. You’ll understand how situations affect you and build your self-awareness – your greatest asset.

My own healing journey drove me to take my health and wellbeing into my own hands, which led me to Ayurveda in 2014. After studying and implementing the daily routine of Ayurveda and noticing the profound impact it had on my health, energy and happiness, I began coaching clients into these simple mind/body practices.

Together we will focus on your real needs for:

o Deep rest

o Nourishment

o Movement

o Breath

o Peace & calm

o Hands-on healing

If you are yearning to feel better in your mind and body, ready to develop your inner knowing and committed to creating a life of ease, join me today from the comfort of your home. Please book a free 20 minute call HERE to get to know me, or understand more about health coaching and how it may meet your requirements.

Private coaching investment: NZD $120 per session/casual, or a block of 5 sessions is NZD $495

If 75% of our issues can be cured by simple diet and lifestyle changes, why would we not give it a go and see what difference we can make?

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Private Health

If you are yearning to feel better in your mind and body, ready to develop your inner knowing and committed to creating a life of ease, join me today from the comfort of your home. Your first session is free.

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Personalised Meditation Programme

Whether you are new to meditation, or you already meditate and would like to deepen it, I offer a personalised programme to support you with your home practice. All personalised sessions take place via phone or Zoom.

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Disclaimer : Becs’ teachings are not substitutes for the advice/care of your personal physician. Becs does not diagnose illness or disease, nor prescribe medications. Please check with your doctor or specialist before taking any medical action, including whether or not you should take medication, how much or how often you should take medication, or any medical treatment.

What people say

  • Lassara Hall

    Shiatsu practitioner & Yoga Teacher

    “Rebecca’s classes offer the student three traditions of yoga – pranayama (breath), asana (movement) and meditation. This combination raises the class from another type or form of exercise to a holistic therapy, which incorporates the entire wellbeing of the student.”

  • Marie Solier

    Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

    “Becs is a passionate teacher dedicated to yoga, her personal practice, and her students. I attended her 6-week meditation course, during which Becs thoroughly delivered practical tools whilst keeping theory & philosophy accessible. Each class was workshop quality. Becs has a gift with words. If you are lucky to attend one of her Yoga Nidra, this will feel like a nurturing treat you gift yourself.”

  • Jenny Bain

    “Learning about my body, hearing and trying to understand is the best gift I can receive. Becs has given me tools to grow and learn that you’re never too old to shift into a more easeful way of living. Good Change is a journey into oneself and not intrusive just one foot in front of the other!”

  • Colleen Robinson

    “I feel more alive now, I am not tired all the time, more aware of how what I do affects the way I feel. Having some decent sleep is fantastic, and I feel more focused, and am completing tasks and projects that I had been procrastinating about. I am more in control of my life now and feel like I am achieving more.”

  • Kaz Jones

    DoTerra Ambassador

    “Prior to Good Change I had a never ending list and decreasing fuel to accomplish it with. I have learnt to “stop”, “breathe” and look after my body with the correct fuel and when to incorporate good habits throughout my hectic day. The result is a more nourished mind, body & soul to get through my day more effectively.”