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Biannual Seasonal Cleanse

A 15-day guided programme to gently detoxify and rejuvenate body and mind, following the time-tested principles of Ayurveda.

Autumn Cleanse ~ 28 Apr – 12 May, 2024

Spring Cleanse ~ 10-24 Nov, 2024

What is a seasonal cleanse?

A Seasonal Cleanse is a defined time to create clarity and promote healthy functioning in the body and mind. It’s an excellent opportunity to make BIG shifts in a short window of time.

According to the 5000-year-old wisdom of Ayurveda, spring and autumn are the ideal times to detoxify the body. These seasons are junctures where the earth moves from cold to hot (spring) and from hot to cold (autumn). Cleansing at these times supports strong immune and digestive function.

Cleansing helps you hit the “reset button” on your habits. It isn’t all about food or losing weight. It’s about connecting more deeply to your body’s innate ability to heal, renew and replenish.

Seasonal Cleanse

Seasonal Cleansing is a twice-yearly reset for your entire being. Just for a short time you get to take really good care of YOU! Suitable for absolute beginners and well-seasoned detoxers.

Autumn cleanse

When we cleanse and reset in the autumn, we clear out the heat and inflammation accumulated over the summer and bolster the immune system. We ground down and nourish to prepare for the winter.

Seasonal Cleanse

Spring cleanse

When we cleanse and reboot in the spring, we clear out congestion and stagnation (excess mucous and fat) accumulated over the winter. We energise and lighten things up to prepare for the summer

Seasonal Cleanse

The Seasonal Cleanse is NOT a fast, but rather a nourishing 15-day programme of eating simple, clean foods that have seasonal cleansing and clarifying qualities, and practicing daily self-care techniques to loosen impurities and stimulate your lymphatic system, the mainline for Seasonal Cleansing.

Who is a seasonal cleanse for?

A seasonal cleanse is for anyone who wants to:

  • Experience more energy
  • Align with the rhythms of the seasons
  • Learn about how food, and timing of eating,
    affect health
  • Begin to lose excess weight
  • Create a digestive reset
  • Build better immunity
  • Experience more mental clarity and focus
  • Be a part of a group for support and accountability
  • Learn more about Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science)
  • Try cleansing (detoxing) for the first time
  • Experience a different kind of detox
Seasonal Cleanse
Seasonal Cleanse

What can I expect from my cleanse?

A Seasonal Cleanse will help you:

  • Improve digestion (eliminate gas, bloating, acid reflux, etc)
  • Clear out excess summer heat/inflammation (autumn) and excess winter stagnation/mucous (spring)
  • Learn to live in alignment with the seasons
  • Eat the right foods for the seasons
  • Understand your unique constitution
  • Optimise metabolism (weight loss, if needed)
  • Increase mental clarity
  • Increase energy
  • Sleep better
  • Wake up happy!
Seasonal Cleanse

How does the seasonal cleanse work?

Digestion gets gunked up over time. If we don’t take time to expel this build up, season to season, it creates toxins in the body. Toxins lead to imbalance which lead to degeneration and dis-ease.

Getting rid of stuff is something the body is good at (so long as you provide a bit of space, a simple diet and rest). Clearing the body’s channels biannually ensures it has an opportunity to recalibrate and head into the next half of the year in top form.

The Seasonal Cleanse takes place over 15 days and 3 phases;

  • Phase 1: Ease in – clean up your diet and daily schedule. Simplify food and life.
  • Phase 2: Detox – the cleanse phase is designed by you for you. Focus on intentionality, creating ease and space.
  • Phase 3: Emerge – transition back into your “normal” life. What will you take with you?

The Seasonal Cleanse is all done with items you can get at the supermarket. Be prepared to get your Ayurvedic kitchen going and prepare your own medicinal foods. Pack it up for work or travel if on the road. Everything you need to know is inside the Seasonal Cleanse Guide.

Seasonal Cleanse

What's included when I sign up?

  • 30+page Seasonal Cleanse Guide (spring or autumn depending on time of year)
  • 30+-page Seasonal Cookbook filled with seasonal recipes to support your cleanse
  • Sustainable Ayurvedic daily routine that will continue to serve you after the cleanse is over
  • Videos lessons plus real-time support and guidance to help you personalise the cleanse to meet your needs
  • Live calls with Becs held at 7pm NZ Time (days will vary). Recordings will be posted
  • Private Facebook discussion forum where Becs will assist you throughout the duration of the cleanse
  • Daily mediation audio tracks to assist with your cleanse
Seasonal Cleanse

How to apply

Register now and prepare your body for the coming season! Bookings essential.
The investment for the Seasonal Cleanse is NZD $190 (**SPECIAL** bring a friend for FREE! Limited time)

What people say?

  • Adele Holmes

    Yoga Teacher

    “Learning and now embedding the principles studied through Good Change has not only seen me start to build some great habits, they are now becoming symbiotic to both my personal yoga practice and my yoga teaching – bringing to life the ayurvedic theory we touched on in teachers Training). Becs is a fabulous coach, and has built a beautiful community of humans at all stages of life who come together to learn.”

  • Bridget Scully

    “Good Change has been life changing, but as my tutor says when describing how to make change… ‘in the most underwhelming way’. This course has been a great tool for my belt and works in beautifully with my mission to live more sustainably in ALL that I do. Not just the garden, or the food but equally my energy levels and the daily grind kinda stuff.”

  • Colleen Robinson

    “I feel more alive now, I am not tired all the time, more aware of how what I do affects the way I feel. Having some decent sleep is fantastic, and I feel more focused, and am completing tasks and projects that I had been procrastinating about. I am more in control of my life now and feel like I am achieving more.”

  • Jenny Bain

    “Learning about my body, hearing and trying to understand is the best gift I can receive. Becs has given me tools to grow and learn that you’re never too old to shift into a more easeful way of living. Good Change is a journey into oneself and not intrusive just one foot in front of the other!”

  • Kaz Jones

    DoTerra Ambassador

    “Prior to Good Change I had a never ending list and decreasing fuel to accomplish it with. I have learnt to “stop”, “breathe” and look after my body with the correct fuel and when to incorporate good habits throughout my hectic day. The result is a more nourished mind, body & soul to get through my day more effectively.”

  • Kylla Petersen

    “The impact of Good Change has been so obvious on me that even my husband is now participating in many of the habits. Becs is a great coach and has so much knowledge to share – in an absolute trusted and empathetic way, stepping you through the course. The outcome for me has been a deeper understanding of the “why” and the “how” to live a more relaxed, healthier and content version of my life.”

  • Lassara Hall

    Shiatsu practitioner & Yoga Teacher

    “Rebecca’s classes offer the student three traditions of yoga – pranayama (breath), asana (movement) and meditation. This combination raises the class from another type or form of exercise to a holistic therapy, which incorporates the entire wellbeing of the student.”

  • Marie Solier

    Osteopath & Yoga Teacher

    “Becs is a passionate teacher dedicated to yoga, her personal practice, and her students. I attended her 6-week meditation course, during which Becs thoroughly delivered practical tools whilst keeping theory & philosophy accessible. Each class was workshop quality. Becs has a gift with words. If you are lucky to attend one of her Yoga Nidra, this will feel like a nurturing treat you gift yourself.”

  • Michele Franks

    Pilates Teacher

    “I came in wanting some positive changes with my skin inflammation & to improve my mental state as I had feelings of depression & plenty of negative chatter. I wanted a better work/life balance. Participating in the 12 week Good Change program 3 times has changed my life. I have learned habits that are part of my lifestyle that give me more calm & ease.”

  • Shirley Keown

    “An opportunity to try something a little different and challenging, in a totally safe environment. Keep an open mind – give things a go – surrounded by like minded people – with no expectations – its ok if it doesn’t happen or resonate for you – or you don’t understand – you have permission to seek clarity if not in the group – individually – its ok to ask – its learning about yourself and others.”