You don’t have 1 body, you have 5!

Dec 22

It blows my mind almost daily how the ancient Indian knowledge of Ayurveda is amazingly applicable today. In fact, my studies often leave me feeling like humans had a better grasp of reality thousands of year ago than we do today.

For example, Ayurveda acknowledges and treats five bodies instead of one. Each day working to maintain;

1. Your physical/food body (what you eat)
2. Your energy/vital body (your breath and your life force)
3. Your emotional/mental body (your emotions and thoughts)
4. Your intuitive/wisdom body (what you know or intuitively know)
5. Your Bliss body (your blissful, connected state)

These five bodies or layers are called Koshas. Together, these layers make up a whole person. What is really wild is that our modern day minds seem to only acknowledge 1 or 2 of the Koshas and it results in us living in a time of much dis-integration and chaos (people, systems, structures are falling apart because we have forgotten how to be whole).

Ayurveda invites you to start getting curious about the integration within ourselves.

So, how can you have 5 bodies when you can only see one? You feel them, you sense them, and you begin to realise more and more peace – more ease – as they integrate. This path of Ayurveda isn’t an intellectual pursuit, it is about doing and being; it is the art of living well. Really well.

Start to notice what you can sense. Your body is already doing this. You are already doing this. When it’s cold outside your body craves warm foods like soup and wants to feel warm. This is the gateway to Ayurveda.

Each layer must be nurtured, honoured, and integrated for a person to feel whole. Have you ever thought about your body in this way before? Take a moment and explore your connection to each layer and see what you notice;

  • What’s in the physical body right now? Where is there tension or contraction?
  • What are my energy levels like? Are they high/low/exhausted? Do I need some more breath?
  • What’s my emotional state? Are these feelings I’m experiencing permanent or just passing through?
  • What would feel best for my body right now, and what doesn’t feel so good?
  • Am I at peace with my life, are things flowing? Am I at ease? Do I feel connected to something bigger than myself? Or am I feeling disconnected, ungrounded or out of sorts?

    Through Ayurveda you learn simple practices to help you balance your five Koshas or five bodies. Each layer needs its own habits or hygiene practices to maintain balance. I like to think of it as ‘flossing’ each layer of your body – clearing out the gunk or build up to make space for energy to flow.

    Give yourself the gift of starting 2021 off with clarity, ease, and elevated energy!

    Are you interested to learn more about the Koshas and how to integrate them into your life? As a Health Coach this is what I offer you – and much, much more. If you’d like to create the most amazing, powerful, and transformational beginning of 2021, get in touch with me – I’d love to hear from you!

    Sending all of your Koshas love and light


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