This program is for anyone who truly values the natural approach to healing and believes that their choices make a difference for how they feel. Quality rest, daily movement, stress management, preparing fresh food, starting the day right, self-care… all those good things feel worthy for you to make an effort to incorporate them into your lifestyle in an easeful way.

You trust in the essential Ayurvedic practices and the system I have laid out, to follow my guidance to make the process way easier, more fun, and effective. You desire to feel better in body and mind, and upgrade your life in a big way. You’re done with the ‘quick fix’ or band-aid solutions that never really last and are ready for a deep transformation.

This course is for you, if:

  • You want to find time for yourself again
  • You want to surround yourself with like-minded individuals
  • You have been suffering from symptoms like inflammation, insomnia, burnout, allergies, eczema, or being overweight
  • You are looking to regain strength and vitality and develop a consistent daily routine
  • You feel worried, overwhelmed or stressed, although you know you are a positive person
  • You want to start or deepen your personal yoga or meditation home practice
  • You want to access to your full potential
  • You long for time-out and rejuvenation within your daily life
  • You want to get a closer look at nutrition and eating for energy
  • You want to learn more about Ayurveda in everyday life

Let’s hop on the phone and find out. I only accept people who are a good fit for the course and Good Change community. In our call we’ll discuss where you’re at now and where you’d like to be. You can ask all your questions. If I can help you, I’ll make you an offer to join. Not everyone is ready for (good) change, but if you are – I can help.

Want to find out more? Schedule a free 30 minute Discovery Call with me here.

Yes, I offer the program three times per year. However I’m going to be honest with you here: that’s ultimately a subconscious form of resistance. Will time or money magically open up in your future? The reality is that the future is wildly unpredictable, and things will constantly be asking for your time and money. The best time to do this is when you prioritise time for yourself.

It’s easy to stay in the old patterns that aren’t working (busy, tired, stressed, over scheduled, annoyed, wasting time on social media or Netflix) and think that it’ll somehow magically shift for you. Real talk: you have to disrupt the pattern, honour your desire for changing the status quo, and make the courageous choice to make it happen! Good news is I can help you with that. I get it, change doesn’t come easily. Every part of us resists change, even when the current situation is not ideal. Change is scary and upper limiting is a super normal part of personal growth. It helps to have a coach or teacher call you on the shadow stuff that’s hard to see ourselves. (I do it too, and that’s why I have coaches, supportive communities, a mastermind, etc in my life)

Readiness is not an indicator of the right time to shift what isn’t working and move into the next best version of you. Having willingness is! If you don’t feel ready, you’re not alone. Take your own willingness and unreadiness as a predictor that you’re in the right place at the right time.

And yes, there are plenty of very real reasons why it might be harder to participate right now. More than likely joining this Good Change program to get support with self-care will actually make the current challenges a whole lot better.

Every Saturday for 12 weeks you get an email from me with a short webinar to watch for the theme of the week. Every Tuesday we meet on Zoom where l coach you into the habit of the week. You’ll learn the latest in cutting edge habit change science coupled with the beautiful ancient philosophies of Ayurveda and Yoga. These weekly meetings provide a safe space for vulnerability, authentic sharing and coaching in real time.

In your own time you can go deeper (if you wish) into the worksheets and program workbook to get extra support. Calls are all recorded. If you can’t make it live you can pop into our private Members Hub to listen to the recorded lessons.

You’ll get access to a private Members Hub with weekly webinars, tip sheets, resources, recipes, an online library of yoga classes and guided meditations, and more.

Each month you’ll also get a private coaching session with me.

You’ll have lifetime access to a private online community for ongoing support and guidance.

We focus on three pillars:

  • The Ayurvedic Practices and deeper theory behind why you want to do them.
  • Behaviour changing methods to successfully implement the practices into your daily life.
  • Identity Change: Clarifying who you want to be so your life can align with your deeper dream.

The goal is NOT to jump in too deep with your learning and set yourself up to fail, but instead, learn to take a step by step (kaizen) approach that can be easily integrated into your current life

Our Tuesday meetings are 75 minutes. Your weekly webinar is approx. 30 minutes. Besides this, your time investment will vary depending on how deep you want to go. For example, the amount of time you decide to spend on your morning routine is entirely up to you. However, this program will very quickly free up time throughout your day if you are ready and willing to devote your attention and commitment towards it.

The emphasis is on baby steps and 1% improvements to make changes gradually so they stick.

For 12 weeks you need to commit weekly to :

  • 75 min for a coaching call on Zoom (or watch the recording if you can’t make the call)
  • Approx. 30 mins for weekly habit webinar
  • One private coaching session (monthly)

First step is to book a call with me. This helps me know exactly what your challenges and your goals are, and if you’re a good fit. You can click here to schedule a time, and there’s no pressure to enroll if it’s not a match.

Second step is to make your first payment, and you’re IN and swept into the momentum of your next phase of life.