I love routine. Until I get bored


I love routine.
Until I’m bored.
Then I like excitement.
Until I’m overwhelmed.
Then I love routine.

This meme makes me laugh because it describes me to a T. Do you dance between boredom and excitement when it comes to your daily self-care?

Nearly everywhere you look in nature, there are creatures engaging in some sort of consistent daily routine. The natural world is deeply influenced by the rhythms of nature – the rising and setting of the sun, the cycles of the seasons are two obvious examples. Many plants and animals embrace a predictable daily rhythm and, as a rule, live by it.

Your body LOVES rhythm too. It thrives on rhythm.

Eating, sleeping and movement are how your body sets its own cycle or rhythm. This is your circadian rhythm, your very own body clock.

When it’s working well, this rhythm tells your body when to digest food, how to prepare for sleep, how to regulate all bodily functions.

As humans, we have largely gotten away from our daily rhythm. Modern forms of energy allow us to heat and cool our homes and work places, light the darkness, and engage with life at all hours of the day and night. Many of us even have jobs and other obligations that require us to keep irregular schedules. The increasingly erratic nature of our lives takes its toll. Layer that on top of a pandemic and the busyness and stress that pervades modern life, and it is no wonder that so many of our nervous systems now exist in a chronic state of high alert – hyper-vigilant, increasingly unable to relax.

While those with stronger nerves are less affected by stress. The stress still exists for everyone. It just a little closer to the surface for many of us.

When things feel outside your control, do you experience anxiety or overwhelm? Or do you find yourself irritable, impatient, frustrated or angry? Or perhaps you tend to isolate, withdraw, or have a sense of inertia/stuckness? Stress has many different outfits. Which one do you wear?

If you want power over your immune system you need to develop your nervous system. You need to build your resilience to stress. Why?


Your nervous system controls your immune response.


As we age our circadian rhythm needs a helping hand. Our nervous and immune systems need a helping hand. Now more than ever.

Daily habits support your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Creating a daily routine that grounds your nervous system and strengthens your immune system is what we do in Good Change. Good Change is a programme I run to help you evolve your daily routine to live more in sync with your body’s needs and the rhythm of the day and the season.

A routine, practiced daily, is stronger medicine than an occasional remedy.

Good Change for springtime kicks off on Tuesday 27 September. Are you coming?

Early Bird pricing ends next Sunday 7 August.

We’ll be devoting 3 months – 12 weeks – to creating a simple and effective daily routine which will have a profound effect on your health. We address nutrition, weight, sleep, digestion, immunity, mindfulness, movement, stress, aging well, time management, energy levels – and how I can best support you with all or any of these. I also show you how to make changes so easy, you cannot say no. That is my promise.

For the full effects, the Good Change journey is one year. For a taster, you can enroll for the 12-week introductory course. Whichever you choose – I’d love you to join us!

If you, or someone you love, would benefit from giving the nervous system and immune system an upgrade get in touch with me to schedule a FREE 30 health chat. The call itself has huge benefits as we discuss where you’re at, and where you’d like to be. I give you the space to explore what’s really going on for you at the moment. If after the call you don’t feel Good Change is good fit for you right now, that’s fine too. Click HERE to learn more.

Everyone needs more rhythm. Right now. For a smarter, healthier and more interconnected humanity.

To being in rhythm,

Becs 💛

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