Announcing my new course!

Oct 4

In Ayurveda* there is a process known as Dinacharya or the ‘Daily Routine’. It outlines key principles or practices that if one follows will guarantee the path to vitality and health. The ancient texts say that if we follow this routine, good health can be maintained until the age of 120!

Jury’s still out on living to 120. However the quality of my skin, hair and digestive health is so much better today than five years ago when I was forced to start paying attention to these practices, and slowly embed them into my life through 1% shifts every day. Like yoga and meditation, there’s no end point to learning to these practices, there’s always something new to rediscover about yourself. Modern living has moved us away from some of these most basic lifestyle practices and sadly, stress-related illnesses are on the rise.

Our bodies are in tune with the natural rhythms of life and no matter how sophisticated we become with technology or our monetary lifestyle, we cannot escape the basic premise of these rhythms. The body needs to move, it needs to be hydrated, it needs to have a deep restful sleep, it needs to eliminate regularly and we all need to sit in silence at times. Yet we place little importance on these things and often override them. This is because we have not cultivated habits around these and made them a priority. There is no doubt that when we don’t prioritise them we fall sick or don’t feel great about ourselves. When these things are automated as habits, we resolve a lot of our sickness, tiredness, lethargy, anxiety, depression, aches and pains and it goes a long way to resolving many auto-immune conditions (including my own).

Good health IS a lifestyle choice. It requires small everyday decisions to do the right things to keep well. This takes a little effort to begin with, but once these decisions become automated there is no effort required.

In my mission to uncover good health, I’ve created Good Change. This takes 10 foundations of yoga and Ayurveda and turns them into habits. Remember, habits are things that are automated and need no effort. Initially yes, but over a short period, they become part of you and your life (like brushing your teeth). How amazing would that be? To have daily habits that are healthy, life positive and effortless.

Good Change will transform how you age, parent, work, eat, sleep and experience your life.

I am only offering two courses in 2019 (it’s not far away!) starting Tues 5 February and Tuesday 6 August. While I get Good Change off the ground, both courses are at a reduced price and limited to 10 people only. Early bird closes 1 Dec. This course will all be done online – another reason to be excited as we enter into a different mode of delivery and accessibility – so anyone, anywhere can access this beautiful wisdom. All that is necessary is internet access.

There is an interview process to ensure you are ready to take on Good Change. It’s like a challenge, you’re either on the bus and want to make some positive changes or you’re not. If your 2019 promise is to work on you, then I’d love to hear from you!

You can schedule a FREE 30 minute Discovery Session with me here. Here we’ll identify where you’re at now and where you’d like to be (and how I can help you get there). If we both agree that Good Change is a good fit, your seat will be confirmed on the course. Please set aside 30-40 minutes for this conversation.

A reminder Early Bird rates for Good Change close 1 Dec 2018 (for Feb 2019 course) and 1 Jun 2019 (for Aug 2019 course).

Find out more and schedule your FREE 30 minute Discovery Session with me here.

*Ayurveda is the sister science of Yoga. It is the simple art of returning your body and mind to your best health using the science of food, herbs and lifestyle.

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