Ease is a choice

Aug 24

I’ve spent the last week reminding myself of this. In any given moment I have a choice. I can choose to orient from stress or ease.

Despite what we may see outside our window or on our news feed, life isn’t chaotic. Life has organisation in every moment. When we can drop in and access that, attune to that, there’s ease behind every moment.

Too often, the struggle is our own choice.

It’s easy to be blinded by stress, or become addicted to to-do lists. Yet this only disconnects us from the rhythm. Nature’s rhythm. When we become disconnected, this perpetuates stress and dis-ease in the mind and body. Life happens. We all get dealt cards we have no control over. A daily self-care routine gives you the best possible chance to get through it. How?

When you choose to create a conscious daily routine, you fall deeper into universal rhythm – that is the law. The Law of Nature.

When we take time to get out of our superficial (physical) body and move into our causal body, the deeper layers or deeper self, we become less affected by our external environment. Like a tree with strong roots, we can withstand almost any storm – whether it be the change of season (allergies anyone?), being triggered by our loved ones, or a worldly event that is fast becoming our new reality. We become less rattled.

The energy of nature’s rhythm ripples out through you on a physical level, and things like weight and sleep stabilise. Seasonal changes affect you less and less. On an emotional level, feelings of anxiety and depression stabilise too. This is because the rhythm of nature, of the universe, has a weight. Its energy is heavy. When you sync up with nature, you allow yourself to penetrate that energy. You become weighted, more grounded, and conscious – your rhythm becomes steady, you become steady.

Following the ancient principles of Ayurveda (yoga’s sister science) means you get to reset your body clock – your circadian rhythm – through nutrition, lifestyle practices and aligning with the natural cycle of the day. When you are aligned or ‘in rhythm’, there is less effort involved and less energy used. This means more energy surplus for doing the things you love. Who doesn’t want that?

The degree we choose to sync up to nature’s rhythm is the degree we get to experience ease.

Our orientation to life is so deeply fundamental, so basic in our mind/body hard drive, that we often don’t realise we have a choice. At the most basic level the choice is this: Do you choose to have a stressful relationship to life (your body, your mind, your relationships, reacting to what arises each day)? Or do you choose to have an easeful relationship to life? Regardless of what’s happening outside.

A good place to start is to ask yourself “What happens if I just honour the rhythm? Even for one day. What if I prioritise sleep or rest when I notice my fatigue? What if I wake up with the rising sun? What if I only eat when I am (truly) hungry?
The reward? Ease. Try it for yourself and see 😉