Order Matters. Routine Matters

Mar 18

Krama is a Sanskrit word from the ancient yogic texts, meaning ‘Order’. Krama refers to chronology, or a special sequence in time used to create a desired effect. When there is krama there is ease.

A sequence or a pattern set in motion stays in motion

The opposite of Krama is Akrama. Akrama is going against the rhythm, its chaotic and lacks organised structure. When we don’t know ‘home’ – where our centre is – we orient from stress. It’s a reactive state and this leads to deterioration-degeneration-dis-ease. Akrama perpetuates stress.

This is a charged time for the planet and it’s bringing up a lot of fear around the Coronavirus in the collective. It’s so easy, especially right now, to get swept up in the storm of chaos (akrama) swirling about. I feel it! I’m sure you feel it too. Getting caught up in the storm is what we can prevent by coming back to our centre, by feeling grounded through a simple self-care daily routine. For me, this is the definition of resilience. To be able to roll with life’s punches because you have more traction, more order. More krama. Even when you get pulled into chaos, the greater ‘pull’ is always back to centre, to home.

The power of your routine, ritual, and daily rhythm

When there’s chaos and a lot of things pulling at your attention and energy, it can be even more challenging to keep up with your daily self-care. I get it. Which is all the more reason you need to! Daily self-care changes the way you age and navigate your life – for the better. Like a record player, your self-care routine plays day in day out and it becomes constant, rhythmic, easeful. This is krama.

Focusing on your sleep schedule and meal timing is KEY

Ayurvedic wisdom – and modern science – show its best to have a large meal around noon, and an earlier lighter dinner. This makes the body’s job easier and frees up energy for other things – like keeping you well! Work with what you can, keeping your meals to about 3 per day and around the same time. Intermittent fasting (giving your body a break from food for 12-14 hours after dinner) will also boost your immunity on every level.

The second part is to keep your sleep schedule the same. Again, it’s best to work with the natural cycles of the earth and go to bed early and wake up early – ideally by 10pm, earlier if you can – however just work with what you can and try to keep your schedule the same.

Your adrenal health is also key. As you practice the simple routine of rhythmic eating and rhythmic sleeping, you’ll be building great strength and resilience in your nervous system. You’ll reduce anxiety, insomnia, and worry and cultivate more trust, calm, confidence and relaxed awareness. You’ll sleep better, feel more well rested, more focused, more joyful, improve your digestion and your immune system. It’s a big payoff for eating and sleeping a little earlier.

It might sound mundane, but these lifestyle practices, and a LOT more, are what we focus on in my upcoming Good Change programme, it has powerful effects. I know this not just from transforming my own body over these last six years, and all the testimonials of our Good Change members, but because Ayurveda has been boasting it’s benefits for over 5,000 years.

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What is Good Change you ask?

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