Rituals of Reflection

Jan 15

The New Year (and January’s New Moon) provide an ideal window to sit in stillness and reflect in order to move forward. Rituals of reflection are timeless and therefore always relevant. The added bonus of the moon cycle is that we have 13 opportunities each year to further refine (or revisit) our goals and set new intentions using the powerful energy of the new moon.

I discovered this reflection process a couple of years ago and find it so useful. It helps me take stock of what I’ve accomplished and create more clarity around where I’m going. Ironic as it may seem, it keeps me more grounded in the present moment.

If you feel called to sit in silence, turn your attention inward and look back in order to move your life forward, then please grab a pen and paper and try this 🙂


(You could do the past 1, 3, or 6 months if you do this exercise regularly)

*Note – go all out. There is no room for modesty here!


1. Quit my job (and retired? Or started my dream job?)

2. Travelled the world (and came home without debt?)

3. Apologised to someone for something I did

4. Finished my degree (with distinction?)

5. Earned ‘x’ amount of money (doing what I love?)

6. Meditated daily (for a month? A year?)


1. Write down your biggest brag! It could be something awesome from the list above, but this is the time to embrace that ego, fully celebrate your amazing self, and write down one truly legendary thing that you have done/created. Do NOT shy away from this. Do not make it about other people (eg. I helped so-and-so do such-and-such). No, it’s all about YOU.

2. Write down one thing you feel immense, utmost gratitude for. It could be a person, job, your health, a relationship, a conversation, a book, a revelation, a vacation… the sky is the limit. Generally it’s going to be the first thing that comes to mind. However – notice if you’re feeling obligated to respond (often with ‘family/husband/kids’ etc). What is it that YOU are so grateful for, that it could bring you to tears even?

3. Write down one thing in the depths of your heart that you desire. That one thing you’re potentially too scared to share with anybody else, maybe you’re too scared to even admit it to yourself? That big, hairy, scary desire. Dream big. Listen to your heart. You deserve it.

Now…. Your most potent excuse:

Here you need to write down the one thing that is stopping you from realising that big one desire you have. Nothing externally that is stopping you, but how you might be getting in your own way (relevant to this is a book called The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks. I highly recommend!). How are you hiding in your comfort zone? What do you keep telling yourself that inhibits you in moving forward?

Often some good ways to move forward are:

Make a public declaration. Tell your partner, good friend, or even your Facebook feed. Being held accountable makes us more likely to stride forward.

Break down the big desire into small, achievable and actionable steps. Is your desire 10 years away? What needs to happen in 3 years to ensure you’re on track? Then, what needs to happen in 12 months time to meet your 3 year vision?

Now is the time to be completely open and honest with yourself, so that you can leap through the barricades you’ve been building.

One thing you can do this week to move forward:

Assess and reflect upon your most potent excuse. Now, determine ONE action step you will implement over the next week (or 24 hours!) to move you one small step forward towards to your desire.


To no longer be burdened by our past, which creates our habits, reactions, and limitations, we must release all the tension we’ve accumulated through stress. To renew yourself and forge forward, write down all the situations in life that you feel deep-seated shame around. This is not a quick and easy process. Take a moment to close your eyes, focus on your breath, and then when you feel relaxed and open start to cast your mind back into the near and distant past to all the various conversations and situations that you hold shame around. This could manifest as embarrassment or denial also. Write down those things you may not even be willing to admit to anyone else in your whole life, ever.

Consider any time in the past you’ve broken someone’s trust, you’ve hurt someone (emotionally and/or physically), you’ve lied/kept a secret, have been unfaithful, stole something precious/of value, said something terrible to someone you care about, treated someone poorly in any way, been caught out doing something that you’re embarrassed about, etc…

Once you’ve written down the key experiences you’re holding onto with shame, this might be as far as you’re able or willing to go. If you feel, in your heart, ready to release these burdening feelings and memories, then I encourage you to fearlessly take action. Create amends with yourself and with others. Write a letter or email and share your shame. Have a conversation about it with someone. You could go to a person who was directly involved. Or, you can release shame by merely sharing your feelings and memories with someone whom you trust and who you know supports you wholeheartedly. You could share with your teacher, your mentor, a partner, parent, or dear friend. If you can go direct to that person involved in your shame scenario/s and you feel it would be also beneficial for them (this is KEY), then even with fear in your belly go ahead and reach out to them. Commit to peeling of those heavy layers of regret.

(I also find it helpful – and encouraging – to tuck away my reflection notes for safekeeping; then each phase I revisit this process I pull out my notes and cast my mind back to see how far I’ve come).

There you have it. May these rituals of reflection (and release) help you refine and redesign your internal state. Life is a mirror and when you change your internal state, your external world will follow. Please feel free share to share if you found this process useful.


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