Ancient wisdom + modern science = tools for being an amazing human

Do you want to…

  • Feel more grounded?

  • Have more energy?

  • Be more organised?

  • Feel inspired?

  • Have better digestion?

  • Live more in tune with your body?

  • Meditate and exercise regularly?

  • Make better food choices?

  • Sleep better?


Through Good Change you’ll uncover your best health and the simplicity of maintaining a strong mind, body, and spirit.


You’ll also learn the 10 most important habits everyone needs to build a strong immune system, build resilience to stress, and slow down accelerated aging.

What’s involved:


  • This is an annual programme delivered on-line with weekly live group sessions (via Zoom conferencing) 

  • The weekly live sessions are to keep you focused, inspired and on track

  • 12 individual coaching sessions

  • Access to a Members Resource Hub with course materials, recordings, recipe books, Practice Lab and much more

  • You'll also receive over $500 worth of additional material to support your 1-year journey



For the full effects, the Good Change journey is 1 year. For a taster, you can enroll for the 12 week introductory course.   

Course Dates:

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New Moon & Yoga Nidra ∞ Fri 18 Oct 12:30 - 2:00 PM

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Not sure or have questions? Let's chat.  Book in for your free 30 min Discovery Call. This call is simply to gauge where you're at now and where you'd like to be. If after the call you don’t feel the course is a good 'fit' for you right now, that's fine too. No strings, no pressure, no stress. 


What is Good Change?

Good Change is a translation of the Japanese ‘Kaizen’, which refers to the compound effect of small 1% improvements made over time. It's about becoming a little better every day.

Using the wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda, together with modern day behavioral science, Good Change is about moving you into deeper alignment with nature’s rhythm. 

The concept of Good Change is simple: you get the support and guidance you need to take better care of your mind and body.

How does it work?
Over 12 weeks you’ll learn the 10 most important habits everyone needs to build a strong immune system, build resilience to stress, and slow down accelerated aging. You'll be guided and supported through learning Ayurvedic concepts and how to apply them to your daily life. 


Good Change aligns with the three Ayurvedic seasons, helping you bring balance to your mind and body as the seasons change, and as you change. The full Good Change programme is one year; three cycles through the habits - one cycle for each Ayurvedic season:

Season 1 : Learn the habits

​Season 2 : Work the habits
Season 3 : Live the habits

Studies have shown that to make real and lasting change, we need to slowly shift our habits in a highly supported environment.  Working in a group provides opportunities for support, accountability in staying the course, learning from each other, and enjoying a community of others who hold similar values. The programme is a 100% practical, results-based experience. 

Each week a lesson is sent to you by email with a video to watch, at your convenience, on the habit for that week. We then meet each Tuesday evening in a live online forum for Q&A discussion, sharing questions, offering support, troubleshooting, and celebrating our evolution. All that is necessary is internet access - so anyone, anywhere can access this wisdom.

How to apply

The first step is to schedule a FREE 30 minute Discovery Call with me. Here we’ll identify where you are at and where you’d like to be. I give you the space to explore what's really going on for you at the moment. If after the call you don’t feel the course is a good 'fit' for you right now, that’s fine too. Please set aside 30-40 minutes for this conversation.

Ready to start or want to know more?


Becs will be in touch to arrange a free Discovery Call to go through the course in detail before any final commitments are made. 

What Good Change members have to say.... 

"You are definitely a wealth of knowledge and I learned so much... It's awesome that you're not some crazy yogi that we can't relate to! You're highly relatable and really keep it real, which means a lot for everyone trying to get on board!"  ~ Frederique

"A fascinating journey of self discovery. I have learnt so much in such a short amount of time and managed to incorporate small shifts in my busy every day routine that have created a significant impact on my digestion and headspace in particular. I have loved the journey so far and it's only the beginning" ~ Jess 

"Good change speaks for itself , it's not a crash diet, nor a sterile plan to follow; it's a journey you share with a small group of likeminded people, using simple principles to help your body and mind to get in sync by introducing a series of habits which will improve all aspects of one's health, following the Indian medicine of Ayurveda. It takes us back to basics. It's inspiring, it makes sense, it's the common sense of the body we had forgotten because of years of beliefs and overindulgence. Back to basics, back to what really makes us happy, and content, moving forward to a better you, inside and out." ~ Helena 

"Good Change has been life changing, but as my tutor says when describing how to make change... 'in the most underwhelming way'. This course has been a great tool for my belt and works in beautifully with my mission to live more sustainably in ALL that I do. Not just the garden, or the food but equally my energy levels and the daily grind kinda stuff." ~ Bridget 


"I didn't feel good about myself when I joined this programme. Now I do. I feel lighter and move more easily. The habits I have acquired through Good Change have made a massive difference to my life and it has been a positive, encouraging, and fresh new way of living. Its really a fresh start to my life." ~ Dionne

The Good Change course is based on age old principles that are in the shape of ten simple habits that can change aspects of your life quite overwhelmingly. Becs is so knowledgeable and passionate about the work she does and the community she has built around the content is a pleasure to be a part of. I like the way it is a supported, incremental, almost addictive journey to help you to continue to improve your life, almost from the first moment you join." ~ Lyn 

"Good change has led me to reevaluate how I act, eat and live on a daily basis. Whilst still in the process of mastering all the habits, the awareness is there and I am finding the habits are slowly clicking into place, one by one. A great course and a wealth of information that will be a valuable resource now and in the future. Thanks Bec!!!" ~ Erica

Basically I feel more alive now, I am not tired all the time, more aware of how what I do affects the way I feel. Having some decent sleep is fantastic, and I feel more focused, and am completing tasks and projects that I had been procrastinating about. I am more in control of my life now and feel like I am achieving more." ~ Colleen

"Good change is a supportive, interactive learning experience, it's about how to take care of ourselves in a holistic way, to work in sync with our mind and body. It makes sense. Becs is an awesome facilitator and coach who has much experience and knowledge to share. She helps us to work out ways we can implement it for ourselves one habit at a time." ~ Sara

"Prior to good change I had a never ending list and decreasing fuel to accomplish it with. 
I have learnt to “stop”, “breathe” and look after my body with the correct fuel and when to incorporate good habits throughout my hectic day. The result is a more nourished mind, body & soul to now get through my day more effectively."
~ Kaz

"I feel in the 12 weeks I have begun to feel like myself a bit more. I am finding time to take for myself and everyone around me is benefiting. There are no more hours in the day and there is always something to do but I am prioritising myself and am starting to feel really good again."  ~ Emma

"Good Change offers the participant incredible insight and the means to achieve a slow steady and sure path to wellbeing. It has given me the structure and optimism to change." ~ Lassara

The impact of GC has been so obvious on me that even my husband is now participating in many of the habits. Bex is a great coach and has so much knowledge to share - in an absolute trusted and empathetic way, stepping you through the course.  The outcome for me has been a deeper understanding of the "why" and the "how" to live a more relaxed, healthier and content version of my life. Comparing where I am now to prior to the course - I now feel grounded and nourished in every sense of the way. Thank you Bex!" ~ Kylla

"An opportunity to try something a little different and challenging, in a totally safe environment. Keep an open mind - give things a go - surrounded by like minded people - with no expectations - its ok if it doesn't happen or resonate for you - or you don't understand - you have permission to seek clarity if not in the group - individually - its ok to ask - its learning about yourself and others." ~ Shirley 

"Learning about my body, hearing and trying to understand is the best gift I can receive. Good Change has given me tools to grow and learn and you're never too old to shift into a more easeful way of living. It’s a journey into oneself and not intrusive just one foot in front of the other!" ~ Jenny

Carolyn & Jamie

 In a somewhat challenging year we have gained some invaluable skills for better habits and we are so pleased to be on this journey with you. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed every aspect of Good Change and are both excited to continue to learn! 

So much gratitude and appreciation for you! it’s been enlightening and life changing. Thank you for guidance support and teaching us to be better. Thank you for bringing some light and ease in to our lives.       


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