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New Moon & Yoga Nidra ∞ Fri 24 Jan 12:30 - 2:00 PM

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February 26, 2019

December 2, 2018

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Recent Posts

24 Aug 2019

Staying healthy while traveling can be a challenge. Jet lag, aeroplane food, being in confined spaces, adjusting from winter to hot sun, or the wonderful tasting foods that we don’t typically eat. Travel takes us out of familiarity, routine, and the comforts of home...

4 Apr 2019

Learn how to create balance so that you are living from a place of joy, health and ease for your own energetic blueprint. By understanding your individual blueprint - what makes 'you' - you unlock the code.

26 Feb 2019

Despite what night owls may think, the real party happens in the morning. The yogis have known this for eons. There’s a window of time just before dawn which is the most peaceful and easeful time in the whole 24 hour day. Those of you who wake early feeling clear heade...

2 Dec 2018

If you want to avoid the holiday burnout, bloat and blahs here are five simple tips that will change how you experience your holiday and your life.

3 Oct 2018

Good health IS a lifestyle choice. It requires small everyday decisions to do the right things to keep well. In my mission to uncover good health, I’ve created Good Change. This takes 10 foundations of yoga and Ayurveda and turns them into habits...

13 Mar 2018

We've all seen how animals, dogs and cats in particular, sit and fold their rear legs under their body, stretch and tense their front limbs and then rest their heads between the front paws. In this position they are completely relaxed. So it's no surprise that...

15 Oct 2017

Pause for a moment and notice your breath. At first it seems like the air is flowing out of both nostrils simultaneously, but after some time you may begin to notice that one nostril dominates the flow of breath and also that this nostril changes.

11 Jul 2017

One of my favourite winter rituals is the daily use of a Neti pot. It is by far the best method I’ve discovered for preventing and eliminating colds. A Neti pot originates from the Ayurvedic/hatha yoga tradition and is something of a cross between a small teapot and Al...

23 May 2017

I find it fascinating that something as simple as the breath has the power to heal, and by mastering the breath we can master our own minds and our bodies. As a teen I was a shallow breather. Fortunately I had good teachers around me, one of whom introduced me to my fi...

26 Apr 2017

The long summer days are now behind us as we move into autumn - a cooler, quieter time with its changing colours and shorter days. It’s a time for shedding, cleansing and turning our attention inward as we slow down and prepare for winter.

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Sarah Gibson

Bec strikes me as the kind of person who is always keeping an open mind,

always learning and storing away knowledge that will improve her own practice and her teaching. She is friendly, relaxed and approachable, while taking her practice and her teaching seriously.

Classes are well balanced and have a nice flow, there’s always something

new to learn, and winding down with breathwork and guided relaxation makes a great end to the class.

Becs calm, accepting presence permeates every session. Practicing yoga and meditation with her guidance is helping me find peace and discover

strengths I didn’t know I had. 


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Gisborne, New Zealand


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